The crowd creates the future!

+50 start-ups and creatives

Start-ups and creatives are presenting the latest in FOOD, ART, DESIGN and TECH

+3000 visitors

The first LIVE crowdfunding festival, where visitors not only applaud but are able to invest

One amazing festival

A festival where visitors and creators give life to tomorrows creations

This was CROWDF€ST 2015

What is CROWDF€ST?

The most amazing start-ups and producers, the latest tunes and unseen art-project are meeting up for you at one unique festival! CROWDF€ST is the first LIVE crowdfunding festival to be organized on dutch soil. Here, the visitors are the key. They decide which start-ups and creators will be able to execute their projects and which ones will fade. Do you believe in the potential of project? Starting from a couple of euro’s only, you will be able to directly invest and profit of the succes. And of course all of this is arranged surrounded by a unique festival atmosphere!

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is one of the most purest forms of enabling a project to be realized. Crowdfunding marks an economie that does not revolve around CEO’s, bonuses and complicated structures, but around one simple core: People who have amazing ideas (‘the creators’) and people willing to invest and enjoy the results (the ‘crowd’).

And its results are proven, worldwide billions of euro’s go around in the crowdfunding industry of which more than a 100 million in Holland alone. Will you be a part of the innovations and creations of the future?

About the Organization

Douw&Koren is the worlds first crowdfunding consultancy agency. Since 2010 we have been working together with creators, bank, financers, platforms, researchers and other parties to give crowdfunding a solid place in our current financial infrastructure. Because we witness on a daily basis what the power of the crowd can do, we now felt it was about time we celebrated this.

CROWDF€ST was organized as part of Amsterdam Capital Week and in cooperation with StartupAmsterdam

Festival Location // B.Amsterdam
Johan Huizingalaan 763A, Amsterdam